Sachets vs pouch

June 19, 2018

Why use 218 g of plastic material when you just need 20 g?

Plastic pollution can be tackled according to a new report from WWF (June 2018). In the report “Out of the plastic trap: saving the Mediterranean from plastic pollution” (Eva Alessi, WWF Italy, © it is stated that “Plastic pollution is a global problem caused mainly by excessive consumption and lack of effective waste management. It can be tackled – but this requires the commitment and collaboration of all, including governments, businesses and individuals”.

One of the required actions by industry is to: “Reduce plastic use starting with all unnecessary small plastic items and packaging. Focus on redesigning multi-material packaging and adopting alternatives already available on the market.”

In the food service industry, like any in other industry, we must reduce the amount of packaging. One specific example is if we, where it is possible, can go from disposable packaging, like small sachets with condiments, to solutions using bigger pouches and serve the condiment from a smart dispenser. A pouch containing 2.5 kg of ketchup generates 20 g of plastic garbage. Corresponding amount of ketchup in single-use sachets generates 218 g of plastic garbage, that risks ending up in the nature or the seas by consumers who do not take full responsibility.

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