Since March 2020, UNRO Dispenser System AB is a member of the ASEPT group. ASEPT have its headquarter in Lund, Sweden, and subsidiary in USA and the Netherlands.

ASEPT have been in the dispensing industry since the 1980´s and serves the Food- and Personal Care industry with dispensing solutions for all liquid products on the global market. ASEPT offer innovative, safe and hygienic dispensing solutions that can be developed upon customer request but ASEPT also offers a standard range of both dispenser- and pump solutions.

UNRO – the original since 1970

The UNRO dispenser is a well-known portion dispenser that works perfect for liquid products. The UNRO dispenser is unique and have many advantages in portion dispensing and have been on the market for more than 50 years. The UNRO dispenser solution serves both the Food sector and Personal Care sector with customers all over the world.

What product can be dispensed?

The UNRO dispenser is suitable for products such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, sauce and soap, heavy-duty soap, washing-up liquid, hand cream, healthcare products and liquid products such as glue and paint.

Always get the desired amount of product with minimum waste

It is simple to assemble the UNRO dispenser onto the product packs, and the dispenser’s ingenious construction means that with a gentle squeeze you get the desired amount of product with drip-less result.
Since the UNRO dispenser is neat in its design you avoid heavy packs and wobbly bottles, you also avoid loose corks and sticky soaps. The construction is hygienic and easy to clean. One great advantage is the yield and portion control that generates minimum of waste.

How does it work?

When you squeeze the dispenser, the valve is pushed upwards by the pressure of the product, opening the outflow to allow the required amount of the product to be dispensed.
When you stop squeezing, the outflow is closed off and the dispenser is filled up from the pack. When not activated, the valve inside the dispenser seals off the outflow to prevent leakage.

Facts about the UNRO dispenser

The dispenser comes in two different standard sizes:
– The small dispenser with the thread dimensions 28 and 32 mm.
– The large dispenser with the thread dimensions 38 and 40 mm.

Accessories for different hanging solutions are available in several versions, and we can also arrange special solutions for individual customer needs.

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Contact information

To order your UNRO dispenser please contact: or via phone +46 (0) 46 – 32 97 00.