The ASEPT Touchless series

No need for physical contact makes the dispenser exceptionally hygienic and safe. Just approach the dispenser with your hand and let it automatically serve you quality condiments and other liquid products! The dispenser is neat and narrow in its design, creating efficient use of the counter space. The ASEPT Touchless series is also available in recycled material with a CO2 reduction up to 80%.

Some of the benefits of the ASEPT Touchless series are:

  • Airless sealed system
  • Extended shelf life
  • Consistent portion control
  • High product yield
  • Hygienic and safe operation
  • Improved sustainability by reducing packaging material
  • The ASEPT Touchless series are also available in recycled plastic

Made of recycled plastic

Since plastic is recyclable, it means that it can be reprocessed at an industrial plant and turned into new useful products. The method used is mechanical recycling. It involves shredding and melting plastic waste and turning it into pellets. These pellets are then used as a raw material to make new products. The raw materials created from recyclable plastic can be used to replace crude-oil based virgin raw materials in the production of new, high-quality plastic products. All parts in food contact are made in virgin material to meet the highest food-safety standards.

Up to 80% reduction of CO2

Recycling minimizes the greenhouse gas emissions caused by manufacturing plastic materials, through the whole chain from oil extraction via refinery to manufacturing of the virgin material. The reduction of CO2 is an estimated average.



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