Since March 2020, Scandinavian Dispenser Products AB is a Member of the ASEPT group. ASEPT have its headquarter in Lund, Sweden, and subsidiary in USA and the Netherlands.

ASEPT have been in the dispensing industry since the 1980´s and serves the Food- and Personal Care industry with dispensing solutions for all liquid products on the global market. ASEPT offer innovative, safe and hygienic dispensing solutions that can be developed upon customer request but ASEPT also offers a standard range of both dispensers and pumps.


Scandinavian Dispenser Products (SDP) offers solutions mainly to hospitals, pharmacies, home care, beauty and cosmetic industry. Liquid products to be dispensed and with customized adaptions and branding possibilities – are the core offer.
Our assortment is wide, and we offer solutions for several different applications of dispensing needs. As far as design and function are concerned, we can satisfy your special needs and requirement of dispensing solutions.

What products can be dispensed?

Within our range of products, we offer solutions to dispense most types of liquid products – from soap, disinfection, detergent to home cleaning products.

Typical products

  • Dosing pumps
  • Spray
  • Fat taps
  • Adapters
  • Dual machines

Discover the SDP range of products by downloading the Product Overview.

Contact information

To order your product please contact: via phone +46 (0) 46 – 32 97 00.