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March 25, 2020

Safe material – Safe for you

ASEPT is a provider of dispensing solutions for liquid products, our dispensers contain products for the Personal Care industry (ex. soap, shampoo and conditioner) and the Food industry (ex. sauce, mustard, ketchup and water). It is of outmost importance to secure the material used in our dispensers, especially concerning materials that are in contact with food.

All dispenser parts in food contact are produced according to the industry regulations, and to the regulation over good manufacturing practice. When looking for right material to our solutions, we follow certain criteria’s, to develop the best dispenser possible, when it comes to functionality, usability and safety. There are many aspects to take in consideration regarding material, hygiene, functionality, yield and end-user experience.

Nils Hellzén, ASEPT Product Development says:
“To use the correct material in a product is one of our main focuses, and we are constantly investigating alternatives to improve our environmental footprint with food safe materials”.

Our customers should always be safe when using a dispenser from ASEPT. The manufacturing of our dispensers complies with the requirements of Food Safety System Certification 22000. According to certificate FSSC 22000, ASEPT is producing in a social and environmental responsible way.

Justin Barr, ASEPT Quality Manager says:
“All over the world, our hygienic dispensing solutions are used by millions of restaurant staff and guests every day and the quality aspect are of highest importance”.

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