August 30, 2018

Quick, dripless and safe dispensing of soap

Däck-Mäster AB in Lomma is part of the group Däckpartner, which, with its 230 workshops and a total of about 1,000 employees, is one of the Nordic region’s largest players in the tire industry.

Däck-Master is specialized in tire replacement and tire sales. In autumn and spring, there are busy times when the summer tires are to be replaced by winter tires and vice versa. Everything has to go fast and smoothly, and all sources of delayed work must be cleared.

Peter Lif, owner and manager says: “One moment that has been a bottleneck is hand washing, something that our personnel have to do many times every day. We use liquid soap which is both practical and hygienic. However, we had problems with the soap pump since the dispensing was very slow and it also happened that the pump was loosening from the bottle and ended up in the sink.”

For three months Däckmäster has tested the new dispenser pump 3MP Fretus from Asept. This pump has been designed to solve problems that often occurs with other dispensing solutions for hanging systems like dripping, slow dispensing, etc. The encapsulated pump is hygienic, easy to use and gives the same dose of soap every time. It allows fast dispensing when there are busy times. And it is dripless resulting in a cleaner washing station without any mess.

Both the manager and the personnel are more than happy with the new pump. André Klingheden, service technician, says: “It’s awesome! It gives the desired amount of soap every time – quick and easy! And It does not detach from the bottle like the old one did.”

3MP Fretus pump has been tested to withstand 1 million pump strokes. And it is dishwasher safe. Just put the pump components in the dishwasher to clean it and use it over and over again.

Please contact us or more information or to order a demo version.

Patric Hammarlund

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