Dispensing Concepts for Personal Care products

Asept offers solutions for smart and hygienic dispensing of shampoo, conditioner, lotions and other liquid Personal Care products. The safe and efficient dispensers protect your product and promotes your brand. Asept have a standard assortment, but we also develop dispensers together with our customers that fit thier specific needs, read more here about our Development Process.


Through Asept´s refill concept the product is pumped from a bigger packaging in a dispenser to a smaller bottle that is reusable and brought by the consumer to the store. This is an environment friendly way of consuming that reduce the single use plastic packaging that this type of products often are packed in.

In Asept´s portfolio also includes the 3MP dispensing system for liquids in smaller doses like soap, lotion, hand sanitizers and other skin care products. The system consists of the cleverly designed pump, original since 1998, and a range of bottles, containers and wall brackets. With this system, you get a hygienic and dripless dispensing operation that always gives the same predefined dose and effectively empties the packaging.

Asept also offers the smart Bottle Pump for fast, dripless and accurate dispensing from bottles. This pump fits well for both hanging and standing bottles.

Asept´s range of products are used in decades, both in the Food sector and the Personal Care sector. Asept offers hygienic, safe, easy-to-use dispensers that both protect your product and promotes your brand.

Product overview

Discover the product range of our Personal Care dispensers by downloading the product overview.

Member of ISSA

Asept are member of ISSA, a association for the cleaning industry worldwide.