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Dispensing Concepts for Personal Care products

ASEPT offers solutions for smart and hygienic dispensing of shampoo, conditioner, lotions and other liquid products. The safe and efficient dispensers protect your product and promotes your brand. ASEPT have a standard assortment, but we also develop dispensers together with our customers that fit their specific needs, read more about our Development Process here.


Today´s standard regards liquid products offered to customers in retail are to consume products in single-use packaging, but there is a trend, mostly among young shoppers, that the behavior is changing. The urge to avoid single use packing is an upcoming demand.

The liquid products, which often are offered in single-use packaging, such as food products like ketchup, milk, yoghurt and sauces and hygiene products like shampoo, conditioner, clean- and wash products etc. This kind of products are still usually packed in bottles or containers which are designed to be used once and then thrown away, or in the best case recycled. Discover the concept and see example of a Refill dispenser by download the overview here.

Environment in focus

In general, consumers are more and more conscious about the environment and how to contribute to a better situation of our planet. ASEPT´s refill-concept can reduce a lot of single-use packaging waste and maintain the quality of the liquid product inside. The long lifespan of plastics is a great feature, but the backside is if example single-use packaging ends up in our nature and not get recycled correctly. It can take up to 1 000 years to biodegrade.

How does it work?

The consumer brings their own reusable packaging, e.g. a plastic or glass bottle, to the local store. They refill the container/bottle in a dispenser at the store and pay per volume or weight. When the product is used and container empty, the consumer brings it back to the store to refill again. All liquid products from ketchup, yoghurt to lotion, shampoo and conditioner are applicable in this Refill-concept.

ASEPT Hand disinfection stands – Manual or Automatic

Infectious substances easily stick to hands, and easily spread further when you take someone by the hand or touch an area where someone has touched before. To avoid spreading bacteria and viruses the recommendation is to wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water or use alcogel with minimum 60% alcohol in it, this to be sure the bacteria disappear.

To help and ease the usage of hand disinfectant in the public room, ASEPT offers two different Hand disinfection stands for alcogel. You can choose from a Manual or a Automatic version of the Hand disinfection stand depending on your need. Both versions are very easy to use, small and simple in its design, this to fit the most compact areas.

The Hand disinfection stands can be used in various environments for example:

  • At the office, hotel lobby, shopping malls
  • At hospitals, pharmacies
  • At food stores, in restaurants
  • In schools, training centers, gas stations, playgrounds etc.

Please read more about our Hand disinfections stand solutions by download the product sheets:

How can we help?

ASEPT have many solutions in the refill area. We are specialists in dispensing of all kind of liquid products and refill stations among hairdressers as an example is an upcoming trend. ASEPT partner up with its customers and can help you with your needs, from a standard solution to a complete customized solution.

ASEPT offers customized solutions as well as off-shelf products.
To learn more about our standard assortment please look at 3MP, UNRO and SDP.

Contact information

To get in contact with ASEPT to discuss with we can do together, please send a mail to info@asept.com

Member of ISSA

ASEPT are member of ISSA, a association for the cleaning industry worldwide.