Our History – Fitment and pump

It all started in the mid-80s. The Swedish entrepreneur and inventor Sten Drennow and his former partner Leif Stern solved the challenge with open container systems, which were exposing the content to air. The first closed and safe dispensing system was launched by a Swedish leading food processor soon after. The unique combination of fitment and pump, attached to air-free pouches, became ASEPT’s hallmark.

Over the years the ASEPT technology has steadily developed into customized solutions. Today, the company’s safe and efficient dispensing concept is used for food as well as non-food products by companies in the food industry all over the world. Global food processors as well as global restaurant chains enjoy the benefit of the ASEPT closed system.

In August 2013, ASEPT International became part of the Swedish industrial group Lagercrantz, listed on the Swedish stock exchange. Lagercrantz is a B2B value-creating technology group offering proprietary products and products from leading suppliers. The group consists of some 50 companies, each focusing on adding value in niches, i.e. offering specific  technologies, to specific customers in specific markets.

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