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February 6, 2019

Meet Jesper Nielsen, our new Area Sales Manager

Hi Jesper, why did you apply for this position at Asept?

“I thought it sounded like an interesting challenge. It is a new industry for me and I enjoy working  with international sales which means meeting different cultures. I am used to customer service and have worked with it throughout my adult life. I have a background from the travel industry, the freight industry and now most recently from the power tool market. Then I think that Asept’s products are very interesting! They are products that people meet daily and recognize – but no one recognizes the brand Asept. This is also a big challenge for me to change.”

Who are you, Jesper?

“I am a Danish guy who has lived in Sweden for almost eight years. I live in a village outside Lund together with my wife and our little daughter. Right now the family is my greatest interest outside of work. But otherwise I like sports such as golf and squash, but maybe above all handball. I was a pretty decent handball player when I lived in Denmark. And of course I thought it was great fun that Denmark recently took home the World Cup title in handball.”

How will you make a difference to Asept?

“In B2B, long sales processes apply. I want to build long-term relationships with my customers and together with them develop new products that are both effective and sustainable, and help them to grow. In this way, I become more interesting for my customers and can act more as a partner than just as another salesman.”

Last but not least – what kind of food do you like, Jesper?

“Food that I can pick and compose myself like tacos, burgers and tapas. Then I like “old man’s food” as we say in my family. It contains lots of potatoes and sauce. I like mustard but it should preferably be the local variety from south Denmark. But if any of my customers can convince me of something else, I am happy to change.”

What does Patric Hammarlund, Sales and Marketing Director, say  about Jesper?

”We are very happy to have Jesper on board. He comes with experience and ideas from other industries, which I think will be useful for us. I am convinced that with Jesper’s help, we will be able to support our customers, especially in Europe, even better. We welcome Jesper to our team and wish him all the best! ”