Grupp Branded 25cm_ih

August 18, 2020

Let your dispensers reflect the value of your brand!

ASEPT has everything you need for your dispensing solutions, including a large network of suppliers and partners. We take your project from A to Z. All units – from pouch fitments and pumps, to complete dispensing units – can be developed, manufactured, assembled, quality-controlled and tested in-house at ASEPT.

This means better control and a more efficient production process, allowing for truly flexible solutions. The packaging components are manufactured in close cooperation with leading packaging companies. ASEPT has a wide range of customers and clients, from large global corporations and regional companies, to family-owned local businesses. And we will be delighted to include you as well!

Our dispensers can be customized and branded to meet your specific needs, as example we customize the color-scheme of the dispenser-housings to match your branding, or we can make full-color graphics wrap-arounds, everything that fulfill your branding and needs! We also develop user-specified portion-control to meet your specifications. A wide variety of nozzles and valves are delicately selected to best suit your products.

ASEPT can offer proprietary fitments of the pouches, and corresponding exclusivity of the connectors of the pumps, to prevent other processors’ pouches to be used in your branded dispensers. This will secure and protect your product and promote your brand.

Interested to know more and how we can work together, please contact and we’re looking forward to discuss how ASEPT dispensers can strengthen your position on your market!