Henkel_ABC station_front

October 26, 2020


A big thumb up to our partners HENKEL and their newly launched “AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Refill Bar” which prolongs the life of a once “single-use” plastic bottle, cutting customer plastic consumption.

How does it work?

First the stylist will provide a personal, professional consultation on the client’s hair routine and concerns to recommend the right “AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT” product(s). As a second step, the stylist will fill a bottle made from 92% recycled plastic with the respective product(s) by using the Refill Bar. Each bottle is finally labelled with an 85% bio-based PE label, a renewable alternative to polyethylene.

Once they have used it all up, the bottle does not go into the bin, or even the recycling – instead, it is brought back to the salon to be refilled and the cycle starts again.

ASEPT partnered up with HENKEL to develop the customized dispensers to fit the customer’s specific needs.

Interested to know more about how we can help you with your refilling needs – do not hesitated to contact us at info@asept.com or read more about our solutions at www.asept.com