April 23, 2020

From dispensing food condiments to disinfectant

Due to the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19, ASEPT – as many other companies – are now focusing on ways to support and contribute to ease the situation we all are facing.

ASEPT´s expertise are dispensing solutions for all kind of liquid products. Both our standard and customized dispensers are used by millions all over the world daily.

With that information at hand, we started to think if we have an advantage to help our customers and partners by suggesting the dispenser they already know, but for another product and purpose!

We asked our product experts, if it was possible to easily change product content in our dispensers -today aimed for food products and restaurants – and start to dispense disinfectant products instead? And the result was very positive…!

With an adjustment in the dispenser, it can now easily dispense disinfectant products as well, giving a suitable portion of 2-3 ml per pump stroke.

The shown dispenser filled with disinfection is from ASEPT´s office in Lund, Sweden, where we use one of our standard dispensers with disinfection right by the entrance to secure the hygiene. Do you think this could be a solution for you and your employees or guests as well – do not hesitate to contact us and we will support you the best way possible!

Are you ready to discuss what we can do together please contact Fredrik Linse, Business Manager at ASEPT Personal Care sector Fredrik.linse@asept.com

For more information about ASEPT, please visit us at www.asept.com or send a mail to info@asept.com.