Our flexible dispensing concept keeps your products fresh and easy to handle. As a food producer you can rest assured that your product stays tasty all the way to the consumer and that your brand gets the promotion it deserves with branded dispensers.

Branded food dispensers protect your product and promote your brand

ASEPT´s food dispensers meet your specific dispensing needs, promoting your brand, which increases your customer loyalty. The fact that the system is unique means that it is impossible to use other food processor’s products in your branded food dispenser.

• Your branded food dispenser contains your product, promoting your brand
• With no oxygen exposure of your product until the time of consumption, you may reduce or eliminate preservatives
• You give your customers a cost-efficient way to give excellent service while keeping everything tidy

Together, we develop a unique dispenser that fits your needs.

Development process – together with you

Our dispensers protect your product, but they also promote your brand. Together, we develop a unique dispenser that fits your needs. The fact that it is unique means that no one can tamper with its contents. Your product is always in your dispenser, promoting your brand. This is how the process works:


  • Idea, in cooperation with you
  • Specification


  • First sketch
  • Modifications
  • First design


  • Visual prototype
  • Modifications
  • Test prototype


  • Field test
  • Approval & Order
  • Tool development


  • Production
  • Delivery

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