May 27, 2020

Do you know the technical challenge of a nozzle that do not drip?

Do you often experience long queues when you take your dispensed product either it is in a fast food restaurant or at a general soap station at a public restroom? Do you often find the product station in a mess with sticky product on the desk or sink? What impression does that give of the restaurant, hyenine zone or public restroom? It is not uncommon too experience this situation, and agree the experience is not as satisfying as you could wish for as a customer…

Is there a solution to this problem? If you ask ASEPT, the answer will be yes! We develop dripless pumps that leaves no mess behind. Just happy customers and a hygienic and clean space.

The pump technique is advanced, a lot have been taken in consideration before it works properly. It is about the materials, pumphouse, pressure and the nozzle. You can imagine that it is a lot of aspects to take in concentration when you develop a dispenser system that are able to dispense products like water, yoghurt, soap or marmalade with particles in, example strawberries. It is a challenge, yet possible with right expertise!


Nils Hellzén, Product Manager at ASEPT says:

With our huge in-house knowledge and longtime experience of developing different kinds of pumps and dispensers, we know what´s needed to develop a dripless nozzle that will handle varying products of condiments and soaps. One of the secrets is the patented cut-off movement in the nozzle


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