July 22, 2020

Did you know that ASEPT dispense products with particles and different viscosity?

It requires great knowledge and technical expertise to develop accurate pump functions, to be able to dispense different condiments in a proper way, while keeping the product fresh by keeping it in the air-less pump until it’s dispensed. Also, important to have a drip-less pump function that does not leave a messy dispensing station behind to the next customer – which is a technical challenge when developing the pump to fit different products and textures.

When pumping low-viscosity products (e.g. vinaigrettes and thin salad dressings), it is important to have proper valves and nozzles, that closes and opens properly, and stay sealed when closed. This to increase the yield and ensure portion consistency.

For high-viscosity products (e.g. frites sauce and thick toppings), generating more vacuum keeps the yield high, this can be done by using a harder dome. Having fewer “choke-points” and larger cross-sections within the pump also helps.

There is also a technical challenge to develop a pump that can dispense products with particles. The particles can come in many sizes, from small herbs and spices to larger bits of fruits or vegetables. For larger, softer particulates (e.g. strawberry topping or jam), having large cross-sections and gentle valves, ensures the particles are not crushed or mashed while being pumped.

ASEPT is specialized in developing dispenser solutions that fit your product, and we are always interested to develop further and adapt the solution to your specific needs. One example of a dispenser/pumps that we already can offer is the Topping Pump. This pump handles particles very well, both larger and smaller particles. Very high-viscosity products, e.g. thick chocolate topping is also a great feature for this pump.

Another example is the Dispergo pump that handle regular condiments along with thin vinaigrettes and salad dressings, as well as thicker mayo and frites sauces. Generous portions generate more vacuum which makes pumping and priming of heavier sauces effortless. The Dressomat pump handles regular condiments, including mayo, along with thin vinaigrettes and salad dressings, and are made to handle particles like herbs and spices without any problems.

Across the product line, we ensure drip-less function and portion consistency that is of outmost importance to have a fresh and hygienic dispensing solution that the end-customers also will appreciate.

Interested to know more and how we can work together, please contact info@asept.com and we’re looking forward to discuss how ASEPT dispensers can strengthen your position on your market!