February 13, 2020

Did you know…

that ~ 88 million tons of food waste is generated annually only in the EU?

Households, together with Food Service and Retail sums up to 70% of this enormous number*.

We all have a great responsibility when it comes to food waste. The food waste occurs in all stages of producing, processing, packaging, retail and consumption of the product. It is not just an ethical and economic issue but also an environment drain of limited natural resources. Totally we produce 50% more food than we consume, which means a completely unnecessary impact on the environment**.

Everyone can contribute and play a role in reducing food waste. It is a chain of events that needs to be tackled form different fronts, from production to consumption. If we all do something hence to decrease our waste, together it sums up to great positive effects that contribute to less waste and leads to a better environment.

As a part of the packing industry, what can we do at ASEPT, hence to food waste?

When develop and construct our dispensing solutions we always look into the design of the dispenser, the pump system and how the pouch is attached to be able to yield as much of the product as possible.

 “We can with certainty say that as much as 99 % yield is possible in our dispensers, which is a great number that we are very proud of.” says Per-Anders Nilsson, CEO and Technical Director at ASEPT.

In every product construction we investigate the yield of different products since it depends on the dispensed product´s viscosity, the products texture, if the product contains particles etc. This part of ASEPT´S Product Development Process is carefully considered and always aims for the highest product yield possible.

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