May 6, 2020

Consumer behavior – Effects on the food and beverage industry

It is apparent that the Covid-19 outbreak is changing all aspects of our lives. Individuals, families, businesses and governments are all changing behaviors to adapt to the new normal.  One of ASEPT’s most important business sectors, the food and beverage industry, is being upended by the outbreak.

As in most industries, our industry is facing tough challenges these days. Keeping our staffs healthy, addressing labor shortages, closing dining rooms and quickly adapting to carry out, delivery and drive thru only business models are putting a stress on the food and beverage sector.

As governments start to re-open the economies, there will be a new wave of challenges that restaurant operators are going to have to address. Keeping customers further apart, avoiding congregation around certain areas, and keeping the dining room clean and sanitary are just a few challenges that need solutions.

The ASEPT design team is proactively working on design solutions to address the new normal in the restaurant industry. We are anticipating the new consumer behaviors and working with our key customers to provide solutions to enhance safety.

If you would like to discuss some of your unique challenges, please reach out to your ASEPT sales team so that we can help you adapt to the new reality.


Patric Hammarlund (Europe, Asia, and the Middle East)

Per Gehrke (North and South America)