November 26, 2020

Consistent and accurate portion control – at all times!

We all know that the simplicity and efficiency in a professional kitchen are two key factors to deliver the ordered food as soon as possible to the guests. Equally important is that the restaurant personnel can handle the appliance in the kitchen in a simple way, both when it comes to usability and hygiene – for everyone´s safety!

ASEPT are specialists in dispensing solutions and to be able to deliver the right dispenser for your specific “Portion control” need, we offer two different alternatives from our range. The classic UNRO dispenser – that have served the food industry in decades – and the next generation Portion Pump that have been on the market for a couple of years with excellent user ratings.

A common factor for the two different dispensers is that they are both one-handed portion dispensers.

The classic UNRO dispenser is simple in design and function, with few components, a product yield up to 99% and very easy to keep clean.

The Portion Pump is a patented solution from ASEPT and the next generation dispenser of portion control appliance in the restaurants. Except from the adaptable five portion control sizes, you get an efficient dispenser that speeds up the customer line and saves time. Other important feature: the contact with the dispenser condiment is zero since you never touch the pump. In addition, it is designed to exclude UV-light which keeps the condiment fresh for a longer time. The Portion Pump comes with different nozzle types that can handle all kinds of condiments, from lighter sauces to more heavy ones.

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