We prioritize food safety, keeping the products fresh, from the time it is packaged by the Food Processor to the time the Food Service Operator folds up the empty plastic bag. That is why we put so much focus on details in every step of the process.

Our hygienic dispensing concept

The hygienic dispensing concept from ASEPT is developed to suit most kinds of liquid products, from condiments in the Food sector like sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, jam and water to products within the Personal Care sector like shampoo, conditioner and soap. Below you can see what makes our dispensing concept so unique. Would you like to know what we could do for your business? Contact us!

The air-free pouch

In the very efficient process of a form-fill-seal packaging machine, the pouch is made and the ASEPT fitment attached, before the pouch is filled with your product. The pouch is then sealed below the surface of the product, making the pouch completely air-free. There is no oxygen exposure of the product until it is pumped out of the dispenser at the time of consumption.

The benefits of the ASEPT packaging system are obvious, including, for example:

• Possibility to minimize the use of preservatives
• Most products can be stored at ambient temperature
• Space-saving storage of the flexible pouches
• No air is introduced in the closed system when the pouch is changed, allowing for extended secondary shelf life
• Product-yield is close to 100 %

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The Air-free and flexible pouch folds up easily, minimizing waste and carbon footprint.

Proprietary fitment and pump with corresponding connector

ASEPT´S dispensing concept may be unique to your brand. We may grant an exclusive and proprietary fitment of the pouch and corresponding connector of the pump, preventing other pouches to be used in your branded dispensers. It is about product safety and protecting the value of your brand – we call it brand promotion. You can:

• Be certain that your branded dispenser contains your product – no one can replace the product with a substitute
• Rest assure that the content stays fresh, promoting your product and your brand

Dispenser with your unique design

We think that good quality should show. You want to make sure that the brand of your superior product is properly displayed and we help you create your branded dispenser design. You have the possibility to decide the portion size, allowing for portion control. The end-users will:

• Recognize your brand
• Be certain that they get what they expect: your product

Your benefits from our concept

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The hygienic and safe way of packaging the product in flexible pouches with the ASEPT fitment ensures that your product stays air-free all the way. The fact that the product is not exposed to oxygen until the time of consumption allows for fewer preservatives while keeping the product fresh longer. It is easy to connect and change the pouches, as well as dispense the products without compromising food safety.

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The fitment, pump and dispenser may be unique to your company and the dispenser can only be refilled with the chosen brand of product. This way the brand, as well as the product, is thoroughly protected.


Our dispensing concept keeps the condiments center neat, tidy and clean. The easy handling saves man-hours on cleaning and adds to the fresh look of the restaurant, while portion control helps the end-user add the right amount of condiments to their meals. After use the plastic pouch folds up easily, minimizing waste and carbon footprint.