ASEPT Dispenser stations

June 9, 2020

Covid-19 Changes the Dining experience

The Covid-19 Pandemic will have a lasting impact on consumer behaviors. The restaurant industry has always had very high standards of cleaning and sanitation, but the fear of Covid-19 is making consumers ultra-sensitive to possible areas of cross contamination. The stocked table, an iconic part of the dining experience, is changing. In many instances, condiments, spices, silverware, napkins and point of purchase marketing materials will be removed from the dining table creating a need for operators to re-think how they give the consumer the ability to customize their menu items while minimizing trips to the table by wait staff.

Of course, switching to individual portion control packets (example sachets) can be a quick fix, but it is also an expensive fix with potentially negative impact on the environment. Bulk dispensing of condiments is the most economical way for delivering condiments to the table. A compact condiment station next to the beverage station will allow the wait staff to grab beverages and condiments at the same time with a minimal impact on service times.

ASEPT has several different solutions to allow flexibility at the service area. Contact your ASEPT sales representative to discuss your individual needs and we will together find the best possible solution for you.

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