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September 6, 2019

Asept continues to grow in the US

John Rayburn has joined Asept Inc as the Business and Product Development Director.

John has a long background, and broad experience from the food service equipment sector in North America.He is well versed in the industry and will be a valuable asset to Asept and a great resource to all our partners. John brings an enthusiastic commitment to product innovation and customer satisfaction ensuring that expectations are not only met, but also exceeded by a large margin.

Per-Anders Nilsson, CEO at Asept says:

We are thrilled to welcome John to the Asept team! We have an interesting journey ahead of us and John is an important part of our strategy for Asept. The industry knowledge and competence that he brings to Asept is of great importance  as we continue to grow and move forward.  So once again – John, we all wish you welcome to Asept and look forward to future success!”

John Rayburn, comments:

“I’m very pleased to be the newest member of the Asept team! Asept has some truly innovative products and I look forward to contributing to future innovations.  Asept’s dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships aligns perfectly with my own beliefs.  I’m excited to be able to help bring a first in class brand to the US!

For more information please contact Per-Anders Nilsson, or John Rayburn at: or +1-630-441-5251