News from Asept

May 27, 2020  Do you know the technical challenge of a nozzle that do not drip?

Do you often experience long queues when you take your dispensed product either it is in a fast food restaurant or at a general soap station at a public restroom? Do you often find the product station in a mess with sticky product on the desk or sink? What impression does that give of the […]

May 20, 2020  World Class Manufacturing Project with a fantastic result!

Last year, ASEPT took an initiative and started with a World Class Manufacturing (WCM) project where the appointed project team focus was on the time to assemble a complete pump mechanism. Since this WCM project was the first of its kind at ASEPT, the first and most challenging activity was to collect the data. We […]

May 14, 2020  Two more members at ASEPT website!

As of March, 2020, ASEPT acquired the Swedish dispenser companies UNRO Dispensing Systems AB (UNRO) and Scandinavian Dispenser Products AB (SDP). This is a great addition to the ASEPT portfolio, and together we can serve our customers even better with a wider range of dispensing solutions both in the Food- and Personal Care sector. As […]

May 6, 2020  Consumer behavior – Effects on the food and beverage industry

It is apparent that the Covid-19 outbreak is changing all aspects of our lives. Individuals, families, businesses and governments are all changing behaviors to adapt to the new normal.  One of ASEPT’s most important business sectors, the food and beverage industry, is being upended by the outbreak. As in most industries, our industry is facing […]