News from Asept

November 28, 2019  The most famous ketchup dispenser in the world?

You have probably seen it many times and in many places. And you might even have served yourself with a portion of tasty ketchup to flavor your burger or sausage. We hope this was a pleasant experience – the well-defined portion, the dripless function and the ketchup that has stayed fresh thanks to the air-free […]

November 22, 2019  AND THE WINNER IS….Danone with evian® (re)new water dispenser, developed by Asept!

2019 year’s winner at World Beverage Innovation Award in the category “Best beverage concept” is assigned to evian® (re)new water dispenser, a new generation water appliance for the home market, developed by Asept.  Patric Hammarlund, Vice President at Asept, says: “We at Asept are very excited about this award! It is a great innovation and […]

November 14, 2019  evian® (re)new – A revolutionary in-home water appliance developed by Asept!

At evian® request, Asept co-developed a new generation water appliance for the home market, endorsed by Virgil Abloh, evian® Creative Advisor for Sustainable Innovation Design. This appliance is one of a kind, both in technology and design. It is a smart device which means that it is connected and also with a build in weight […]