News from Asept

May 16, 2018  New instruction video

View our new instruction video on how to assemble, use and disassemble the bottle pump from Asept by clicking here. The pump has been designed to be very hygienic and user friendly for quick dispensing of fixed portions of sauces and condiments. The pump can also be used for other liquid products like soap. For […]

May 3, 2018  “With the new bottle pump from Asept we have halved the queue time during rush hour and got a cleaner and more hygienic serving station”

Lundchark cares about its guests. In addition to ketchup there are several different types of mustard to choose from. The guests serve themselves from hanging bottles. Previously this moment often created a long queue during rush hour due to un-efficient condiment pumps. Also, the counter surface became messy due to dripping sauce pumps. But a […]