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The hygienic food dispensing concept from Asept is used by millions of restaurant staff and guests every day all over the world. Our vision is to be globally recognized as the leading provider of safe, cost-efficient and hygienic food service dispensing concepts.

Whether you are a food producer or a food service operator we have a solution for you. In close cooperation with you, we develop and design dispensing solutions that suit your needs and brand in a well-proven Development Process. We are certified according to FSSC 22000.

Check out our extended range of high quality dispensers for portioning hot and cold sauces from Bereila. For the Personal Care sector, we can offer the 3MP system for hygienic dispensing of soap, lotion, alcogel and similar products.

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News from Asept

Sachets vs pouch
2018-06-19  Why use 218 g of plastic material when you just need 20 g?
Plastic pollution can be tackled according to a new report from WWF (June 2018). In the report “Out of the plastic trap: saving the Mediterranean from plastic pollution” (Eva Alessi, WWF Italy, © it is stated that “Plastic pollution is ...Read More

Skärmavbild 2018-05-16 kl. 15.52.01
2018-05-16  New instruction video
View our new instruction video on how to assemble, use and disassemble the bottle pump from Asept by clicking here. The pump has been designed to be very hygienic and user friendly for quick dispensing of fixed portions of sauces ...Read More

Asept Bottle Pump
2018-05-03  “With the new bottle pump from Asept we have halved the queue time during rush hour and got a cleaner and more hygienic serving station”
Lundchark cares about its guests. In addition to ketchup there are several different types of mustard to choose from. The guests serve themselves from hanging bottles. Previously this moment often created a long queue during rush hour due to un-efficient ...Read More

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